Plant A Tree … Plant A Story

Our biodegradable TREE URN comes from innovative eco-engineering and green manufacturing development. It represents Kiri Bio Group LLC's team dedication and commitment.

The Kiri Bio Group LLC company was born a few years ago. The result is a quality, innovative and 100% ecological product designed and engineered to turn the ashes of a loved one into a tree or plant, thus preserving memories.

Aware of the ecological impact that can be generated and the sentimental value it reflects in people, our motto is, “Plant a Tree ... Plant a Story”

Kiri Biodegradable TREE URN frame
Kiri Biodegradable TREE URN on grass

Our Mission :

Our mission is to offer innovative, affordable, ecological, and a high-quality product for the burial of your loved one.
We respect the needs of the grieving person within a framework of institutional responsibility, commitment, and honesty throughout the entire experience.

Plant a Tree … And Save the Planet!

“It only takes a seed of peace to create a forest.”

Robert M. Hensel

Kiri Biodegradable TREE URN kit

Our Vision :

Consolidate tree planting as a value and a way to honor our loved ones in a world full of Kiri Biodegradable TREE URNS and stories to tell. To be a consolidated company recognized nationally and internationally, in the commercialization, supply, and distribution of innovative green products and supplies with an ecological impact, through trade operations distinguished by their quality, costs, and competitiveness, strengthening reliable networks.

Kiri Bio Group LLC Certifications

Green Burial Counsil Certification

Green Burial Council

Kiri Bio Group LLC. is certified with the highest level 3 Leaf.

What the GBC does is simple: recognize the effort of each provider making significant changes that supports the American public’s emerging ethic of environmental sensitivity, including the use of toxic chemicals, expensive, resource and energy-intensive caskets, concrete, fiberglass, or plastic vaults

Being a GBC certified provider creates a credible opportunity for Kiri Group to demonstrate leadership both in the funeral industry and in the environmental movement.

ICCFA Membership

International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA).

Kiri Bio Group LLC. is a Member in good standing 2020/2021
Member of ICCFA up-to-date. Kiri Bio agrees to comply with applicable state and local laws and ordinances, ideals creed, code of ethics, and customer codes of this organization.

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